Wooden Furniture

Why You Should Not Refinish Wooden Furniture Yourself

Wooden furniture can be very elegant and they never become outdated. Wood can also last for quite a long time if given the proper care and maintenance. Maintenance of wooden furniture includes having it refinished after years of being used.


Wood refinishing can make your wooden furniture brighter, and can even protect it from quick deterioration if done right. However, it can be tempting to refinish pieces of wooden furniture yourself, particularly if these furniture pieces are not quite big that a refinishing job doesn’t seem very challenging.


But, if you are not a wood refinishing professional, it might be best if you just put the brush down and call in the experts instead, and here are some reasons why:


Wood refinishing could take a lot of time – Wood refinishing doesn’t just call for repainting wood, the entire process requires sanding and cleaning, too. Wood sanding and cleaning are imperative if you want the coating to become even and flawless. Wood sanding itself can take a long time to be completed; but if you hire a pro to do the job, they can finish the job much faster than you because of their experience.


Wood refinishing can trigger various health issues – Wood dust is the unavoidable consequence of sanding, and coming in contact with wood dust can lead to various health concerns. Inhalation can affect the respiratory system, ingestion can lead to digestive issues, and other issues such as eye and skin irritation.


Improper wood refinishing can cause irreparable damage – Different wood types may need different types of coating, and if you are not particularly skilled in knowing which coating types are compatible to certain types of wood, you may just damage your furniture. You wouldn’t only have to worry about the type of coating that would be safe for your furniture, you would also have to determine the right amount of coating that needs to be applied. Too much or too little coating could just make your wooden furniture look bad.