Tips in Painting Your Deck

Decks are a wonderful part of any home. They are perfect to accommodate friends, to hang out with family, or to simply unwind and breathe in the fresh air every once in a while.


Wooden decks are great because aside from their timeless beauty and natural warmth. And, depending on the type of wood used in building the deck, it can last for a really long time, too.


However, one of the downsides of having a deck made of natural wood is that it requires regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of a wooden deck includes re-applying of paint or stain to revive its color and add more life to it.


Paint won’t only brighten up your wooden deck once again. It will also serve as a protect your deck from damages such as scratches. Paint can also mask any imperfection in your decks such as minor cracks or scrapes.


You can hire professional painters if you are looking to have your deck painted in Surrey, BC. Alternatively, you can do the painting job yourself if you have the time and the right tools.


If you are planning to paint the deck by yourself, here are some tips you might find useful:


  1. First and foremost, you have to clean your deck. A common garden hose will be able to remove any stubborn surface dirt that may be lodged on your deck. When your deck is clean, you will be able to apply the paint more evenly.
  2. Then, you have to do some minor repairs on your decks if there are any damages. Scratches or holes may be remedied by applying epoxy to fill in the affected area.
  3. Apply a primer first. Primers will ensure that you would have a smoother area to paint on. It also serves as additional protection to your deck.
  4. Finally, you can paint your deck using a roller brush or spray. If you are using a spray, though, be mindful of the wind and protect the area around the deck such as plants as well as the exterior walls or your house.