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Refinishing Wood

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Refinishing Wood

Refinishing wood will always be better when done by a professional – the work is insured, you can expect the work to be completed faster, and, it would be more convenient for you as you could use your time doing something else if you hire an expert.

Refinishing Wood

But, if you really want to refinish your wooden furniture or floors yourself, there are some common mistakes you should avoid. Sometimes, wood refinishing mistakes can lead to permanent damage to your valuables.


A mistake commonly committed by do-it-yourselfers is not using the proper sanding materials. Sanding is a very important step you should do before you apply a new stain to the wood. And you have to remember that not all sandpapers are the same. Sandpapers have different grits and types, and the grit and type you must use would depend on the type of wood you are working on.


Not having complete refinishing equipment is another typical mistake. Paintbrush, paint stripper, wood coatings, and sandpapers are not enough to complete the refinishing job. Don’t forget your own safety and wear protective items to prevent inhalation of toxic vapor or fumes.


The mistake of not planning how to strategically paint an item or floor is common, too. Sometimes, if your plan to paint your furniture isn’t well thought out, you can damage your own refinishing progress. Don’t forget to paint the areas underneath your furniture before you proceed to apply stain on the top portion, and the best way to do this is to turn the furniture upside down.


Manually sanding your wooden furniture can be really exhausting, but even so, don’t forget to wipe off the dust particles after sanding. Some people don’t wipe the dust off effectively enough that some particles are left on the surface. These dust particles will impact the overall outcome of staining and might even make your furniture unsightly.