Preparing for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors are one of the most exquisite flooring types out there. Floors made from natural wood has an effortless class.


Some of the downsides of hardwood floors include getting scratches and encountering discoloration because of age. Replacement of hardwood floors can be really expensive since aside from buying fresh construction materials, you have to pay for labor from the removal of your old hardwood floors to the installation of the new one.


Wood refinishing is an amazing way you can have your hardwood floors restored to their pristine, lustrous condition. Professional wood refinishing companies can help you save money and save you from the hassle of having your entire floor replaced.


Wood refinishing companies will calculate the expenses based on either of the two things: the hours it took for them to completely refinish your floors or the size of the total floor area they have refinished. Most of the time, wood refinishing companies will also make necessary restoration steps if your wooden floors need repairs, and the extent of the damages your floor has will be included in the final bill.


Therefore, you have to make adequate preparatory steps so the professional wood refinishers can finish their jobs faster – especially if they charge by the hour worked.


First of all, you have to clear out the room with floors to be refinished. Remove every piece of furniture and place them in an area that would not be treated. If your entire house will be refinished, see if you can move your furniture to the garage in the meantime.


Make sure that even wall decorations are removed as well as any hanging lights or décor – this is to prevent them being covered in dust after the professionals completed sanding of your floors. If you can’t remove hanging lights or chandeliers, at least cover them.


Then, clean your floor thoroughly. Sweep the floors, vacuum them, and wipe them to remove every dirt particle.


Once your floors are free from items and dirt, the pros will be ready to work on refinishing them.