The origin of Goldenage-Woodworks dates back to 1990 when Robert Kay put up this business that aims to save antique wooden items.


Robert had a passion for bringing wooden furniture items back to life and then decided to share his refinishing and restoration talents with others – as a result, Goldenage-Woodworks was born.


Having over a couple of decades of being in the business, Goldenage-Woodworks has perfected the refinishing process for practically every and any type of wood. The specialists from Goldenage-Woodworks have years of training on wood refinishing under their belts.


Over the years, Goldenage-Woodworks mastered the ins and outs of proper handling of the following wood types: Oak, Birch, Maple, Poplar, Mahogany, Cherry, Shakewood, Rosewood, and many others.


We, at Goldenage-Woodworks, understand how valuable wooden pieces can be and we always handle all items with outstanding care and exceptional intricacy. Although we guarantee that we will never deliver sloppy work, the work of Goldenage-Woodworks specialists is still protected by insurance.


Goldenage-Woodworks doesn’t only offer wood refinishing, we can also perform minor restoration tasks for wood issues such as scratches or peeling.


Have one of the experts from Goldenage-Woodworks fully inspect your furniture items and give you a free quote; get in touch with us today.